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Need help with your writing? I am an experienced proofreader and editor.

My services include:


  • Proofreading your work for all grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. 

  • Editing to address format, style and voice.

  • Improving the readability of your work.

  • Assisting with formatting of references.

  • Offering general writing tips to help improve your writing.

I can help you with:

  • Essays

  • Theses and Dissertations

  • Journal Articles

  • Reference Lists

  • CVs

  • Cover Letters

  • Presentations

  • Website Content

  • Reports

  • Letters & Official Memos

  • Newsletters & Brochures

  • Publications

  • Training & Learning Materials

  • Books (Fiction & Non-Fiction)

$50 credit towards your next job for referrals! Simply have your friend mention your name when they send me work.​

“I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one, and I look at it, until it begins to shine.”

                                                           -Emily Dickinson

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